long-story-short: the story of my 50+ years in slightly more than 500 words

Welcome 2019!

A bit about me and mine …

Mary C. Gildersleeve, Design-Artist

I grew up in the San Francisco of the 60s and 70s.  Most of my teachers in parochial school were closet hippies so we were always doing creative things — macrame, recyclable crafts, and lots of needlework.  My mom was big on arts and crafts and of her seven children, I inherited this “gene” the most (altho I do have a brother who is a phenomenal graphic artist).  She was a great enabler, helping me to buy the latest McCall’s Needlework & Crafts magazine … or the issue of Woman’s Day with knitting and crocheting from the “Partridge Family”.

At about the age of 8, I taught myself to knit — sneaking under my older sister’s bed, absconding with her practice knitting and working away on her piece, learning to read the stitches as I went. Before she came back in the room, I’d pull out what I’d knit and she was never the wiser!

Until, one day she found out…

Mom split us up and took me to the store to get yarn (acrylic … cheap but effective), needles and the book — Knitting Without Tears.  After reading, and re-reading, and re-reading … I was hooked!  I began designing at the age of 12 and haven’t looked back since.

I currently have published designs in a few books (see the “my knitting books” sidebar), magazines, online e-zines, and online websites.  I have a Ravelry store-front, where I sell pdfs of many of my designs as well as on (for those in Europe) Love Knitting.

Why By Hand, With Heart? I’m a strong proponent of hand-knitting. Altho I see the benefit of machine knitting, my focus is on using my hands to create what’s in my heart. Each of my designs is made for someone — someone I know and love or someone who is loved by the person knitting up my designs. I pour myself into each of my designs … sharing a bit of my heart with your hands.

This is serious to me … this is part of me … this is what I do.

In addition to knitting … knitting … reading ABOUT knitting … and knitting some more, I am a free-lance writer and (in my copious free time) I am the Business Manager for our Catholic Parish of 1800+ parish families.  We are a blended family (I was widowed) and we have 8 total children, with two in college and one in high school.

Won’t you join me on this adventure into loving, living, learning (and of course, knitting) in the heart of my home?

Here’s how the menu above works:

  • “blog” tab will take you to all posts about everything from faith, family and fiber to recipes, book reviews and general natterings.
  • “our designs” tab will take you to a menu of all the designs I self-publish on Ravelry and  (for those in Europe) Love Knitting.
    • “links” tab will take you directly to my Ravelry store, the By Hand, With Heart group page on Ravelry and other web-based links
    • “about” is all about me and mine … my knitting creds and my adventures with my family and friends.

    Poke around, enjoy what we have to offer … comment on anything you’d like … and most of all ….

    Enjoy the journey!2016 website graphic

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