Knitting and fiber and animals, oh my!

Festival participants at Graves Mountain, April 30th

On the last day of April (yesterday), we took a trek out toward the west to the lovely Graves Mountain Lodge for their first annual fiber festival. Titled “Let’s Get Naked: From Toes to Clothes”, the festival promised to be good clean fun for all of us: knitting time for me, fiber to fondle for us all, and animals galore to pet and feed and lead around! What more could we want?

Cashmere Doe ... adoptive mother and giver of luscious fiber

Jane from Spring Gate Farms was there, with this doe and her adoptive kid. Seems during lambing, Jane and her husband found a little, grey kid wandering about with no mama in sight. After 10 days of force feeding the little guy, this lovely doe finally accepted him as her own.

Orphan kid adopted by the doe

I brought Jane my three new cashmere designs and she loved them as much as the others I’ve done for her!

Spring Gate Farms booth

The kids so enjoyed running around, making wool-felted-round-soap and alpaca cording, eating good mountain cooking and generally enjoying the sun and fresh air. Rick LOVED the chance to see Graves Mountain, reveling in the glorious weather and the chance to meet and chat with Jane.

A lovely time was had by all!

Hope to see y’all out there next year!

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