Welcome to our new home on the Internet!

Lapis Lazuli Lace scarf

Thanks for stopping in!

This is our new internet home … here you’ll find all things about us, with a special focus on all things knitterly! Here’s where you’ll find:

  • my latest designs (like the one to the right)
  • resource reviews of knitting, homeschooling and other items of interest
  • knitting tips and techniques
  • our home-learning adventures (including unit studies and other non-traditional curricula helps)
  • examples of how we live the Liturgical Year — please understand, we’re active Roman Catholics and daily live our faith
  • … and just about anything else I think might prove of interest to you, dear reader

Please feel free to click around … see what you can find … let me know what you like or dislike or think might be missing … and remember that Spring is finally here … God is in His heaven … and all is right with the world!

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