May 2nd: our patronal feast day …

… today is the feast of St. Athanasius of Alexandria (296-373) … a man who fought for Jesus’ Church on earth, being exiled at least three times for fighting against the heresy of Arianism.

He is also the patron of our home-learning adventure. Back in 2001, when my dh was applying for a masters program in Europe and I was beginning to research homeschooling (in case we did move to a foreign country), we placed our dreams under Divine Providence, praying to St. Athanasius to help us discern God’s will. Dh was accepted to the program and we began our adventures. Back in the States two years later, I found out that our state-of-residence required that we name our homeschool — St. Athanasius immediately came to mind as a wonderful patron … and so was born, St. Athanasius Academy.

May St. Athanasius pray for our home, and yours, that God may shower us all with loving, living and learning in the heart of our homes!

Off to celebrate our feast day!

2 Responses to “May 2nd: our patronal feast day …”
  1. I like your new digs! I do hope you share the whole post for Google Reader. I tend to pare down those blogs that don’t share the entire thing! I like to visit, but can’t always.

  2. Mary G says:

    I’m still working out all the kinks … so not sure how to do the full post on Google reader. Will try to get that fixed!

    Hugs and glad you like the new digs!
    Mary G.

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