May: The Month of Mary

Back in 2008 (two moves ago … when we were still in Denver, if you’re keeping track) … dear online friend Kathryn posted info about doing a “round the world with Mary” for the month of May. This was such a fun unit for us back then that I decided for this May we would re-visit these beautiful images of Mary, the stories and the countries!

The links for Kathryn’s day-by-day posts are still available if you would like to join us. What I did back then was create a two-per-day (in alpha order) card-stock sheet of each. So for instance, yesterday (the first school day in May), we looked at the images of Our Lady of Africa (Algeria) and Our Lady of Lujan (Argentina). We read the story, looked at the image and then found the areas in an atlas. We then prayed for Our Lady of Africa’s and Our Lady of Lujan’s intercessions.

This is a nice, gentle unit that helps us remember the universality of Our Lady and her love for all God’s children. By doing two-a-school-day, we’ll be able to visit all the images and countries!

Won’t you join us?

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