New Designs: Necktie and Baby Blanket

Just put the finishing touches on a couple of new cashmere designs:

Father's Day necktie

… this one is just in time for Father’s Day … what could be better than a cashmere necktie for your special man! A classic statement of elegance and sophistication!

Lauren Marie's Lace baby blanket (33-35" diameter)

… inspired by the upcoming birth of my latest god-daughter, this cashmere blanket is sure to be a family heirloom. Light as a feather with amazing drapeability, this knit-in-the round blanket is a fun exercise in knitting!

If you click on the pictures above, you can find out all the details about these designs.
Cool, huh? These sample were knit using Spring Gate Farm’s luscious 100% cashmere. BTW, the owner was just notified that Spring Gate “swept Grand Champion and Reserve Champion Buck Fleece and Grand Champion Doe Fleece in the 2011 Northwest Cashmere Assoc. Fleece Competition in Oregon” … now that is cool!

4 Responses to “New Designs: Necktie and Baby Blanket”
  1. Lisa C. says:

    Love the necktie, perfect for father’s day! I’m going to start working on it now! πŸ™‚

  2. Angela says:

    What an awesome and luxurious necktie! My hubby won’t wear one though. He’d be stylin’!

  3. Mary G says:

    Holler if you have any questions … it’s much easier if you use short sock needles … you’ll only have 17sts on the needle at most.

    Mary G.

  4. Rosemary says:

    Love the necktie! I started knitting one for my fiance once and ended up frogging it because I realized it required double knitting, which I didn’t know how to do … this one looks simpler though. πŸ™‚

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