Review: The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck

Disclaimer: I rec’d a copy of this book from the publisher as part of their Blogging for Books program. I rec’d no other compensation and the following review is my honest “take” on this work of fiction.

The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Summer is the time for relaxing and enjoying God’s bounty. Reading should imitate that with light, fun, relaxing books. The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck is just such a read.

I really enjoyed this Christian chick-lit and highly recommend it!

The setting is 1880s England and Colorado. The premise: Charlotte Beck, a wild young woman whose family is from Colorado and England (landed-gentry!) meets erudite astronomer Alex Hambly (a viscount) whose family affairs in the financial realm are pretty tight. All Charlotte wants is to impress her father: she wants to prove as shrewd a wheel-dealer as her dad; she wants to go to college; she does NOT want to get married. Viscount Hambly, whose war-torn twin is heir to the family, must take financial care of his widowed mother, his twin and protect the family name … all while trying to study astronomy! These two are given their dream by a simple pact: Charlotte’s father will finance both a college education for Charlotte and financial independance for the Hamblys … all they have to do is promise to marry in four years (after Charlotte graduates from Wellesley).

Y’Barbo does a great job at telling this story: the historical fiction aspect is well done with great descriptions of the time and place in the story; the characters are believable, likable and interesting; the plot line avoids being trite by the humorous events that plague this couple. It’s very well done!

This is a perfect fluff romance … no deep meaning just pure entertainment. Each is sure they hate the other. The father is even more sure that God has put these two together for a reason …. perfect vacation reading! This book is all about love and faith and trust. It’s about overcoming groundless fears and accepting the gifts God gives. Very fun! Try it … you’ll like it!

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