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My Knitting board on Pinterest

Thanks to the lovely Michele Q. over at Family-Centered.com (a GREAT place to get planner/calendars!), I have found a new website/social networking site that helps keep me organized, is fun, and graphically very appealing.

Pinterest, a fairly new application on the Internet, allows me to create virtual bulletin boards, pin items of interest onto those boards and then share those boards with others (through easy links to Facebook and Twitter). The cool thing about Pinterest is the option of adding a “pin it” item to my Google Chrome menu bar so that whenever I see something of interest on the WWW, I can “pin it” to any of my seven boards (or easily make another board or two) as well as adding any comments or notes for later. I’m then just a click away from the homeschool book, recipe or knitted item … a simple case of looking at my boards and clicking on the appropriate graphic. I have boards for pithy sayings, homeschool resources (including blog posts others have written about what works and doesn’t), knitting, recipes, and fiber-related, books I want to read, and a “just because I like it” board with beautiful graphics spotted on the Web.

The social-media aspect comes in with folks’ boards who I follow or who follow me. I can re-pin that kitchen that Jen likes or the quote from Lissa or the sewing pattern from Michele.

This is pure genius …

If you’re interested in joining in on the fun of Pinterest, just email me and I’ll be happy to send you an “invite” … it’s the easiest way to get on and start playing immediately!

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