Yarn-along: finishing and reading and musing

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Yarn Along: June 29, 2011

Where the heck did June go? We’re at the end of the month … only about 6 weeks before we start up school again … and I’m not even in the “summertime” mood yet!

This week, we finished Heart of a Samurai … VERY cool story about a bit of history that I didn’t knot much about — just another benefit of home educating my kids: I’m learning what I never learned! So many rabbit trails coming off this one ….

I’m in the midst of planning for next year and trying to decide between a Nook2 and a Kindle … I’ve even done a spreadsheet comparing the two and it still comes up about even! Problem is that each has things I want (storage expanding/library-lending/epub format on Nook2 VS audio/web-browser on Kindle) .. guess I’ll leave it up to fate! Not a whole lot of reading getting done as I’m doing lots of knitterly things, but I did start Prayerwalk … which is a great self-improvement book that brings the right things into the equation: God, exercise and commitment!

On the knitting needles: just about done with the “mystery wisteria” project … about 10 inches and then blocking and pattern-drafting time! Since I have a little less than a month to get it off, that’s pretty darn good, eh? I must say, the Cascade Eco-wool is MARVELOUS to work with. Some of my other knitting activities include organizing my knitting patterns on Ravelry, submitting design proposals and teaching proposals, and working my ideal job!

Life is good!

That said, here’s a quote from a good friend and talented actor/playright, Paul Zacheis:

How do you expect kids to listen to their parents when Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives 200 mph, Sleeping Beauty is lazy, and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn’t be surprised when kids misbehave, they get it from their story books!!

So what’s on your needles and on your reading table? Won’t you come yarn-along with us ….

6 Responses to “Yarn-along: finishing and reading and musing”
  1. Tracey says:

    I am very interested in the book you’re reading. I have been training for a marathon and am finding myself slacking. Maybe I’m just too old, but a lot of the time I would rather just be inside knitting! Good luck on deciding between the Nook and Kindle. I love them both. My Kindle was a gift so that’s what I have, but I do love the color on the Nook.

  2. Erin says:

    I’ve been making the same comparisons for the Nook2 and Kindle and just can’t decide what will serve us best, particularly for homeschooling. It will probably be a Christmas gift for the family, so I have a little time to decide yet.

    And I agree that the Cascade Ecowool is very nice to work with- good luck with finishing your shawl!

  3. Mary G says:


    I finally went with the Kindle — Best Buy had both but I couldn’t test the NookSimple Touch since the demo model locked the screen and you couldn’t try out the touch screen-ness of it all! Stupid, huh? I also thought the Nook felt flimsy … I really am loving the Kindle and already have loaded free books for family read-alouds (and school this next Fall for my 7th grader!).

  4. cpcable says:

    Can’t wait to see what the “mystery wisteria” project is…and I love your thoughts on homeschooling. What an opportunity for all of us to be lifelong learners!

  5. Great quote! Reminds me of why we don’t have TV in our home. 🙂

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