Resources for the closet-unschooler

I am not a radical unschooler … nor am I a school-desk-comes-home schooler. One of the great reasons for home-educating my children (I have used “he/him” in the following list to disguise and confuse the real identities — wouldn’t want my own kids knowing how well I know them!) is that I can (and do) adapt their curricula to each of them:

… for the highly ocd student I have a very ordered schedule with tasks to complete (and since he tends toward the manana-syndrome, I have set-in-wet-cement due dates)
… for the way-too-smart student, I have lots of supplements and hands-on activities that keep him busy till the others catch up
… for the not-really-interested-in-traditional-school student, I have lots of artsy/craftsy, hands-on activities to keep him learning thru doing

I will be starting a resource list (under the tab “Hill Top Farm”) for great websites and other resources (incl books) which may help my readers think outside-the-book in their own home-educating adventures. Please note, I don’t have any affiliations with these resource sites … I don’t get any “kickbacks” for recommending them (altho sometimes I might be entered in a contest) except for the Amazon-linked books where I get minute commission) … these are just things that I use and love.

For example, here’s the first resource I’d like to recommend today: Imagine Childhood! What a fun site to browse and read and get jazzed for this next school year looming. The owners have great products for teaching-while-doing … for learning in everything … for playing without electronics. The focus is on getting out into nature … to go exploring … to record what is found. Excellent!

Go check ’em out and see what you think!

And check back periodically for more recommendations for thinking-outside-the-book!

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