Yarn-along: FO’s and school planning

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ALREADY the LAST DAY of August … how did that happen? We broke down and started school on Monday the 29th and so far so good … the kids are lovin’ that mom’s so organized this year, they’re liking their hand-picked books/topics/activities, and God is in His heaven.

Yep, it’s all good ….

My yarn-along this week is a finished object: my matching hoodies I showed you last week, designed for a dear friend’s new twins. Aren’t they sweet? They match, but don’t, if you know what I mean: the boy won’t feel goofy (ok, he’s only a few months old, but YKWIM!) and the girl will be almost prissy but not quite. Good, eh? These are sized for 12m … so they won’t wear them right away obviously, but since the family lives in Austria — wool sweaters are always in style!

As far as books read or reading this week … not much to show … I’ve been finishing up school plans, pre-reading, and scheduling reading for the three kids who are all going in the same direction for some courses, and in very opposite and unrelated directions for others. It’s rather fun. If you’re interested in our plans, here’s a link to the post I did yesterday, detailing just what we’re doing and who’s learning what!

For read-alouds this year, we have relegated those to after-dinner reading so dad can enjoy them too. With my favorite new toy … a Kindle … we are starting to read heavier books rather than the kids-oriented books we were reading. Monday night, we started Chesterton’s The Man Who Knew Too Much … an excellent set of short story mysteries that caught our attention and had such lovely vocabulary and turns-of-phrase (the boys particularly liked the image of the word, “cadaverous”). These deeper books have led to kids practicing idioms and new vocab words all over the place — rather fun to see! BTW, that is just one of many books available free for the Kindle! We love free.

I’m right in between books — reviewing various texts for various outlets. Right now, I’m finishing up, HomeGrown Faith: Nurturing Your Catholic Family by Heidi Bratton. I’ll post a review today or tomorrow. It’s the new style of self-help/mom books with short readings, thought-provoking questions and suggestions for action … this particular book is keyed to the liturgical seasons. Very good!

So what do you have on your needles and your reading table? Won’t you come play with us ….

4 Responses to “Yarn-along: FO’s and school planning”
  1. Nadja says:

    Those are so adorable, and I am so inspired by the lacework! I am just doing my first lacework myself, and loving it. Lucky babies! I hope the mommy sends you a photo of the babies wearing these!

  2. Katy says:

    Those are so adorable. I love that they match but don’t. Perfect for two little twins. How sweet.

  3. those are seriously adorable. who could resist a baby in one of those, not to mention TWO babies!


  4. meghann says:

    I adore those hoodies – what a lucky pair of babies who get to wear them! xo

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