Have you seen these yet?

Today, Amazon announced their newest Kindle — the Kindle Fire which is basically a touch-screen tablet with wi-fi access where you can play movies, read books, listen to audio and receive email.

I SOOOO want one of these for Christmas — better get busy selling designs so I can wangle enough egg & butter monies to fund Santa’s gift ….

The only thing I think it’s missing? 3G-option and maybe a way to take notes on screen … but them I’m pretty picky about how I spend my money.

They do have the 3G Kindle … and that one is only $149! (I paid $139 this summer for wi-fi!).

And their cheapest, new Kindle … a touch-screen version for only $79 (granted, it does have ads, but you quickly learn to ignore those …). I’m thinking this would be a perfect gift for college students or anyone who does lots of reading!

What do you think? Ready to join me as a Kindle-fan?

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