Home educating: our second week

Our "rule of six"

Today we start our second week of schooling in the heart of our home … well, technically we schooled yesterday, accomplishing math and writing just to stay on track (and keep the kids from the “can I turn on …” litany).

Today we are also having our very first St. Brigid of Ireland’s Literary and Crafting Society meeting — a small group of girls (10-12 years old) who will be studying literature and crafting book-based items throughout the year on alternating Tuesdays. We’re excited … we’re starting with Austen’s first-written (and oft-overlooked) Northanger Abbey. I’ll post more about our club (and the Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Boys’ Club) later this week!

BTW, the graphic above is Our Rule of Six …. this is a thought that originated, I think, with Melissa Wiley back in the day … the idea that there would be six elements in every day of loving, living and learning in our homes. Many of us active on 4Real at the time, came up with our own list of goals for every day. This list is not a ranking since each element is so very important; instead, this is a list of how we govern our home environment.

What would your Rule of Six include?

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