Knitting and SEWING … who knew?

For those of you who have known me a while, you know that I only sew out of necessity … or I see something I REALLY like and don’t want to pay for it (if that ain’t a “necessity” what is?). Anyway, I decided I really needed a knitting project bag to take the place of the ziploc bags I usually use … and further, I’d love to be able to walk around and knit without trailing a ball of yarn behind me.

After a bit of google-searching, I found the directions for this rather cool bag tutorial on the blog, Versus. But, not being a real good follower-of-directions, I went ahead and changed it up a bit … adding a loop for a carabiner (never know when you want to hook something on to my project … adding an elastic wrist strap so the bag stays in place … avoided making a drawstring by using a coordinating ribbon … making it reversible.

coordinates nicely with my Nantucket Bagg

Now I have a beautiful knitting project bag to take with me … and it coordinates lovely with my Nantucket Bagg (for the whole project, extra wool, etc). Mine is mostly lime green with pink accents. BTW, if you need a knitting or tool bag … check out the Nantucket Bagg … they are amazing …. And the fabric and ribbon I got from my favorite fabric source … (they have fast shipping, great selection and I can shop in my pj’s!) If I ever make another, I would repeat all I did for this one except I would omit using the interfacing … I don’t really need a stiff bag (altho it will soften with washing … and it is completely washable) and it’s just another step I didn’t really need. Check out the tutorial … it is a great one!

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