Yarn-along: finally a read-aloud that works, some bead knitting and other bits and pieces

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Yarn-along -- 09/28/2011

We have finally done it — we have found a read-aloud that all three kids (almost 9, 11, 12) enjoy and that I enjoy reading to them … whew, it’s the end of September and the first read-aloud that has really worked! What is it: Mistress Masham’s Repose by T.H. White (who wrote Sword in the Stone). Mistress Masham is a sequel or re-telling of Gulliver’s Travels that is wonderful reading — it’s funny, philosophical and filled with action … bad guys and good guys …mistakes … forgiveness … friendships. Well, it’s all there! T.H.White is a phenomenal story teller (and, truth be told, I wished he had written Gulliver’s Travels — I might have enjoyed it more!). Lovin’ it!

For my reading:

  • Northanger Abbey (I’m reading it with the girls’ group and enjoying it as much as the girls are)
  • The Creative Workshop (recommended by a friend and it is excellent — Kit and I will start working through it together one evening a week starting in October; she’s going to be my designer, I’m thinkin’)
  • Catholic Sexual Ethics is a book I’m reviewing for The Catholic Company which I chose it to review as my dh is steeped in bioethics and always talking over my head a bit. I’m hoping reading this will give me at least a talking knowledge of bioethics.

bead-knitted cashmere necklaces

On to the knitting — after my hectic fiber-filled weekend (and celebration of my 50th!), I realized I haven’t actually been getting much knitting done! Isn’t that weird? Until last night, I hadn’t even PICKED UP my knitting since Friday (or maybe it was even Thursday) since I was prepping for the classes I was going to teach this past weekend. But it’s all good and I’m back in the groove: making bead-knitted cashmere necklaces. Here is a close-up of one I just finished and then the one I’m working on. The natural one is 100% cashmere with little gold beads while the blue one is a blend of cashmere/merino/silk with pearl beads. I am enjoying doing these — I’ll have to pick out which design I like best for the class I’ll teach at Spring Gate Farm’s first annual knitting retreat, Getting Cozy with Cashmere, in November.

So, what’s on your needles and reading table(s)? Won’t you come yarn-along with us over at Ginny’s?

4 Responses to “Yarn-along: finally a read-aloud that works, some bead knitting and other bits and pieces”
  1. Ellen says:

    The Creative Workshop looks very interesting. I added it to my Amazon wishlist. My daughter, husband & I could all use it.

  2. Tracey says:

    I wish I could attend one of your classes! I always love everything you knit..always!
    Thanks for the book recommendation. We haven’t started a read aloud yet and I have
    been trying to find something, this just might be it! xx

  3. Mary G says:


    The Creative Workshop is very cool because it’s 80 exercises that you complete (no right or wrong answers, just creative fun) … for instance, making your own logo after a 20 minute brainstorming … then using it for letterhead, etc. Verycool!

    Mary G.

  4. Mary G says:

    Tracey … you are always so sweet with your comments! One of these days I may go beyond a 3-hour drive limit and really start teaching … I’ll be sure and holler when I do! We are lovin’ Mistress Masham … it was hard to stop our read-aloud for the day ….

    Mary G.

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