Knitting Tools: necessity is the mother of invention …

… or maybe it’s the mother of knitting.

I’d gotten this task light

Bean-n-Read (3LED)

This is a GREAT light. It is very bright and powerful and quite nice when I’m sitting knitting in the living room or my room and the lights are low for ambience or reduced glare on the television. The light is also great for using with the Kindle (ooh, I want one of those Fire ones … but the original with keyboard is working just fine too!)as it has wider coverage than many of the “book lights”.

However, I hated the strap! It was scratchy and uncomfortable and I could never get the light at just the right angle.

Until today. Look what I made last night … a Beam-n-Read Bunting:

Beam-n-Read Bunting

Beam-n-Read Bunting ... on and working

The straps are comfy — light-worsted weight superwash wool (kool-aid dyed) — are adjustable both front and back, and I can change the angle of the light on the work depending on my angle! The Bunting is easy to remove to wash and allows me to store the red-lens (covers the pure light to reduce night vision issues when reading or, more probably, knitting in the car on road trips!) right on top of the battery cover. Also, the softness of the bunting will protect the light so I can throw it in my knitting bag or Kindle bag and not worry about it getting banged around.

So, if you get this ….

Bean-n-Read (3LED)

…. go ahead and make one of these ….

Beam-n-Read Bunting

(knitting directions below)!

Beam-n-Read Bunting

  • 50 yards of light-worsted weight superwash wool
  • US #3 dpns
  • stitch holder

Directions: CO 3 sts. I-cord for 108 rnds (or 18″). Place sts on hold. Make a second 108-rnd i-cord.
K across the 3 sts, CO 12 sts, k across the 3 sts on hold — 18sts.
Work 4 rows garter st (k every row).
Work 18 rows of ss
work 4 rows garter
k3, slip remaining 15sts to hold. Work 108 rnds of i-cord on the 3 sts. Break yarn.
P/u 18 sts from hold: BO 12 sts, k3 sts. Work 108 rnds of i-cord on the 3 sts. Break yarn.
Tuck in all ends.

Insert ties from one side into the strap slots. Wrap the other two ties around the “flip-up light” posts (the light will keep the straps in place. When you want to store the red-lens cover, just slip it under the bunting. Adjust the straps to YOUR desired position … tie a square knot and leave unless YOU want a different angle.


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  1. I agree – Sooo much better than the strap it came with!

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