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Christ the King

Today is the Feast of Christ the King, the last Sunday in the liturgical year for the Catholic Church, the feast where we remember that Jesus is truly King of all.

I will always love this feast as nine years ago, at about 2:00 a.m., I went into labor with my youngest son. We were living in Austria at the time and it was a cold, blustery but clear early morning hours as dh and I drove to the hospital about 30 minutes away … to a small county-seat where they couldn’t have been nicer, couldn’t have taken better care of me and mine!

Hot Rod was born late in the afternoon of the 24th of November (which this year happens to be Thanksgiving Day). We went ahead and celebrated a little family get-together today so that the boy-child could have a bit of fun (we surprised him with his gifts at an early dinner). HotRod’s older sister sent a perfect gift: a hockey net and sticks set which is perfect for our screened-in porch off the family room.

Hockey boys ....

The boys immediately put it together to play a “grudge match”).

Hambone and Kit gave their little brother a computer game: My Sims and My Sims Racing (it’s funny as I can remember HotRod’s now adult-siblings and cousins playing My Sims back when they were just about his age).

Dh and I went with an LSU theme …. fleece blanket (I got the fabric … actually two so it’s reversible and way cozy .. from … LSU Football: History of the Tigers and an LSU football.

Guess which school is his favorite?

He loved it all!

Happiest of 9th birthdays, HotRod …. you were such a gift to us and you continue to be an amazing gift every day … we love you!

Now off to prep the house for the start of a new year …next Sunday, November 27th, is the First Sunday of Advent!

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