Go check this out … you won’t be disappointed!

Cay Gibson, a woman whom I’ve never met but whom I’ve known on-line for MANY years, has a special offer for all of you. Cay’s specialty (other than all things cajun) is encouraging the reading/using of picture books throughout childhood … not just when the kids are little. A few years back, she wrote a fantastic catalog of the best pictures titled A Picture Perfect Childhood. The book is “a tempting photo album of picture books that can be used to enhance the child’s imagination, comprehension, and desire for learning … as well as the adult’s.” All in a mere 15-minutes a day.

In honor of Picture Book Month, Cay is offering an ebook copy of her book for only $1.99 … and you get it instantly by download!

So what are you waiting for? Go grab an ebook copy of A Picture Perfect Childhood while this amazing offer lasts …. or purchase a hard-copy thru Amazon ….

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