Kindle just keeps making me happy …

I love my Kindle!

I’ve waxed poetic before about my Kindle — I have the “old” keyboard style (and would love to get the Kindle Fire at some point, but don’t think it works with Santa’s budget this year). The keyboard with free 3G now costs what I paid for my wifi only … but I’m still happy with mine.

Anyway, I love my Kindle — it’s proven amazingly useful for school with lots of inexpensive or free books available to download that work for Ancient Greece and Rome, Science, English and read-alouds. The audio capability means that we can listen to audiobooks while working/knitting and I’ve delved into the joys of Audible membership. There are also some great games available for the Kindle that practice math facts, spelling, and logic/strategy skills.

Today (and the reason for this love-fest post), Amazon announced a new program — the Kindle Lending Library. With this new program, you can check out up to a book a month with no due dates and free (if you have Amazon Prime). This gives you access to thousands of books, including non-fiction and children’s books! I don’t much care for the “only one a month”, but I do like the “free” and the instant access. When you want to borrow another book, you’ll be prompted to “return” the one you currently have out.

Kindle just keeps making me, happier and happier.

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