Yarn-Along: Cashmere, Christmas and Cooking …

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Yarn-Along -- November 9, 2011

Let’s start with the books today!

On my reading table, I’ve got quite an eclectic mix this time: An Old-Fashioned Girl for our girls’ literary/crafting group, Wildly Affordable Organic for eating better for less (key around here as my boys kick into their growth spurts), and Kenneth Clark’s One Hundred Details from the National Gallery for fun and because we’ve been to this lovely museum in London and I dream of going back there with my younger kids, and the more facts I know ahead of time, the better!

On my Kindle for read-alouds, we’ve got two books going: the delightful overview of parts of speech titled Grammar-Land and a brand-new book written by Ralph McInerny’s son David, titled Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits. McInerny’s book is a little odd to start, but once the story gets going is great fun to read to the kids! I’ll do a full review when we’re done, but so far it’s “two thumbs way up” for this kids’ fantasy book.

Close-up of my knitting FOs -- November 9, 2011

On (or just-off) the knitting needles:

  • Trees ‘n’ Snow scarf for the cashmere knitting retreat this weekend. The scarf is done in 100% cashmere and is so lovely and floaty, just like a fresh snowfall
  • Garnet Glow beaded necklace, also for the cashmere knitting retreat this weekend, uses 8/0 gold-tone beads and the cashmere/silk/merino blend from Spring Gate Farm.
  • swatch of another beaded design using the cashmere/silk/merino blend that I love
  • Mr. Claus from Jean Greenhowe’s Christmas Special. This will be on-loan as a shop model at DHY, along with Mrs. Claus from Thanksgiving till Christmas Eve. These toys are great fun to make — knitted in a DK weight, the toys come out about 12-14 inches tall, stand on their own and really are cute! Mr. Claus will of course have knitting accessories rather than toys in his sack.
  • Rainbow Trout — an ornament for a Ravelry swap (my partner loves to fish, so I figured she needed a trout on her tree!). I’ll post the pattern for this one later today as I really like the way the little guy came out.
  • So what’s on your needles, reading table and Kindle? Come yarn-along with us over at Ginny’s (link above).

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