Homeschool Connections: online courses and a sweet deal!

Homeschool Connections

Unlimited Access! Unlimited Learning!

Homeschool Connections has made a wonderful change that can make the upcoming months great (and even easier 🙂 for Catholic homeschool moms ..

Starting right now, they are offering Unlimited Access to over 70 middle and high school courses — for the price of just one typical online course elsewhere. Plus, you can try it out FREE (more below!).

They call it the NEW Homeschool Connections Unlimited Access Program

A way to give your children all kinds of courses without having to pay for each and every course … Because now they give you unlimited access to ALL of Homeschool Connections’ fully-recorded courses for one year, for only $330. One full year for the whole family! That’s a one-time cost for OVER 70 complete courses for middle and high school students. Prefer a monthly payment? They also offer a Subscription Service for $30 per month for as long as you need it–begin at any time, end at any time.

Get full access to:
Math, science, literature (19 different courses, including Shakespeare, American, & English Lit), writing (middle school through college and fiction writing), philosophy, theology, geography, ancient and world history (Greek, Roman, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern), American history, test prep & career search skills, personal finance, foreign language (German, Spanish, Latin, American Sign Language), government, micro & macro economics, logic, law, archeology … and more …

You get access to everything for your immediate family:

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