For the boys: a perfect read for even reluctant readers

Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

I have reluctant readers … they always seem to take a while to get hooked on swallowing chapter books (but once they do, check lights for late-night reading!). My boys were especially reluctant and HotRod is the worst (probably because he’s the youngest and loves cuddle-time with read-alouds).

That said, I have found a book that he is devouring: Through My Eyes: A Quarterback’s Journey (young reader’s edition). This book is proving to be the catalyst to other sports bio and a budding love of literature. Tebow’s book is much like the man — filled with faith, perseverance, fortitude and chutzpah! HotRod reads a chapter and then data-dumps all the wonderful things Tebow has described — how he has always been competitive (over the top in some cases) but has learned to train that to the good … how he is a living witness to the Faith … how he has had a successful career even though “handicapped” (at least to the eyes of the world) by being homeschooled.

This is an excellent read and has gotten my 9 yos enthusiastically reading and hunting for more!

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