Design Week: better late than never

Knit and Crochet Design Week starts today!

Stacey Trock over at Fresh Stitches came up with a stellar idea that I somehow missed last week … but am jumping on the band-wagon today!

Here’s her idea for knit and crochet designers — each day spend 30minutes focused on designing a project. It can be anything I’ve been thinking about, mulling over and just not had time to work out. Here’s her week’s daily themes:

Monday: sketches and ideas. Share some sketches! What are you planning on designing? Still deciding between a few ideas? This is the day to spill all your ideas on the table and get feedback from your readers.
Tuesday: techniques. When you start a design, it helps to search for techniques that will be useful to you. Are you using a great stitch dictionary? Need to learn a super-stretchy cast-on to make your idea work? Share the techniques that are crucial to your project… we’ll all learn something!
Wednesday: yarn. What yarn is going to make your project rock? How did you decide which fibers/colors to use? Walk us through your decision process.
Thursday: design progress. Of course, you may have been showing us photos of your design progress all along, but today is the day to flash it!
Friday: problems. Did you run into any unexpected problems? Still having issues that you haven’t sorted out? Tell us about them (and maybe someone can help!)
Saturday: into a pattern. Thinking of turning your design into a pattern? Is your design going to a lovely new home? What have you learned this week? Share your future plans for your project and chat about your experiences.

Cool idea, no? Wanna join in the designing fun … head over to Stacey’s blog and link your post. And then enjoy the mandatory play time!

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