Review: Catholic Family Fun by Sarah A. Reinhard

About 11 years ago, when I was first contemplating homeschooling my then-middle-schoolers, I began to develop a strong interest in imbuing my home with living the liturgical year. Since then I’ve read countless books on celebrating feast days, incorporating prayers into our daily lives, and generally actively reveling in our being Catholic.

After 10 years, I thought I’d read it all.

Catholic Family Fun: a guide for the adventurous, overwhelmed, creative, or clueless!

But then I was sent a review copy of Sarah A. Reinhard’s book, Catholic Family Fun. What a GREAT read this was. I’ve known Reinhard online for the last few years as we volunteer for various activities in the Catholic Writers Guild, so I knew I would enjoy her book. Reinhard has a great writing sense, one where the reader feels she’s talking directly to you (just check out her blog, Snoring Scholar, and you’ll understand).

But I was surprised just how much I learned from her “guide for the adventurous, overwhelmed, creative or clueless”. This book isn’t so much a “living the liturgical year” book as it is a book on how to have fun with your whole family … while encouraging the spiritual side, too. From “silly things to do together” to story starters, from craft projects to fun meals, from saints to celebrate (thru growing a Mary Garden or creating a Saints’ calendar) to volunteering as a family, and ending with how (and what) to pray together … Reinhard includes it all. I particularly like Reinhard’s thoughtfulness in including indices by prep time, duration and cost — three “sorts” that make this book very useful!

Thanks, Sarah, for creating a fun family activity book … I’m looking forward to incorporating many of your ideas into my own home (altho I do have wonder which catgeory of user I’d be: “adventurous, overwhelmed,creative or clueless”?)

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