Ciarnan’s Cover … a blanket for dh and …

… The Brigid Collection’s September design.

Ciarnan’s Cover

This is Rick’s 60th birthday gift … which we gave him early since we were gone this week and figured he could use a virtual hug. I designed this completely with Rick in mind: from the rich mahogany color, to the pure (but soft) wool, to the cables and twists and eyelets …. all with dh in mind.

This is also the September design for The Brigid Collection … so far, nine designs celebrating all that is Celtic in honor of my patron saint, St. Brigid of Ireland.

A close-up of the cabled points on the 8-pointed star

The blanket/shawl (which you can download either from my Ravelry shop or my Craftsy page is filled with symbolism. The 8-pointed star to signify our children — the cable twists on each showing the twists and turns each have made in their lives. The triangles of eyelets for the Holy Trinity. The twisted-stitch “infinity” for our love. The ocean-wave border to symbolize the waters that will disrupt our smooth sailing — but NEVER drown us.

Very symbolic, yes? The blanket/shawl works out to a full five-foot diameter circle … and uses 750 yards of worsted weight wool on size 11 needles. Completely worked in the round, this hand-knit is a fun project while creating a wonderful family heirloom …

Here are a few more pictures to tantalize you ….

a close-up of the center

the blanket from another angle ….

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