I Love Yarn …

Friday, October 12, 2012

Need I say more?

Anyone who knows ANYTHING about me, knows that I love yarn … and knitting … and talking about fibers … and knitting … and playing with yarn. I’ve been crafting since I was itty-bitty thanks to growing up in San Francisco in the late-60s, 70s … where even in the Catholic schools, you had closet hippies teaching macrame, knitting, crocheting (those horrendous and never-ending granny squares!), recyclable crafts, painted rocks, driftwood sculptures.

But my first love has always been the needle-crafts … where I can play with the natural fibers and create out of a long bit of string.

It’s particularly appropriate that TODAY is “I Love Yarn” Day … the request is that you teach someone to love yarn … you share your fibery love with others … This evening I will head down to Spring Gate Farm and begin a weekend-workshop highlight my love of cashmere yarn! I will be leading the “Second Annual Getting Cozy with Cashmere” workshop … with half the weekend’s focus on knitting lace (“the ins and outs and overs”) and the other half’s focus on colorwork and how to chart and create color patterns in your knitting.

So, do you love yarn? What are you doing today to show that to others????

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