Feast Day: St. Nicholas … one of our favorites!

St. Nicholas of Myra

St. Nicholas, patron saint of children … and young women … and sailors … and others was real. And he is the true Santa Claus. He is the one we celebrate in our house … the one who puts chocolate and books in the shoes and takes the list of desires … the one who comes on Christmas. He is the real Santa Claus.

But, Father Leo Patalinghug, a Catholic priest, chef and lecturer on bringing families together thru good food, has said it so much better than I ever could. Here’s a link to an e-blast I rec’d last night … a discussion of how moms and dads can bring the real St. Nicholas into their homes …

Here’s just a portion of what this amazing priest mentioned:

Parents have an awesome responsibility to translate the “magic” of Christmas into a celebration of faith. Faith and magic are two completely different things. We need to know that and, more importantly, to explain it to our children. By teaching children about the real St. Nicholas, we help them avoid the trauma when they realize the fat-jolly-chimney-crawling image of St. Nicholas is more fictional (thank God) than factual. Yet, the “spirit” of St. Nicholas should be fostered and discussed regularly. Yes, it is always fun for children to have imaginative fairytale characters as part of their growing experience. But it’s also important to help children see that the popular stories of St. Nicholas help them develop virtue and morals, such as intercession, being nice rather than naughty, and the “gift” of gift-giving!

So may you have a very blessed St. Nicholas day, celebrating this amazing saint with your family … and may your Advent continue to build anticipation to the birthday to end all birthdays: Christmas Day!

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