Goals for 2013 … personal and professional

First, again, my motto for the year:

2013 Personal Motto ... patience in all things and with all people

2013 Personal Motto … patience in all things and with all people

This is an important word for me to keep in mind: patience with myself, with others I meet on this journey, and in all things.

What is the point of rushing … rushing to conclusions … rushing to finish … rushing to make snap-judgements?

This should prove an important word for me!

Yesterday, we started up our homeschool journey — after a few weeks off, it’s always hard (especially since college-senior Kotch is still home). But we did well. I had the kids finish their day by writing an essay about their goals for 2013. And since I made them do it … I figured I should do it to.

So, here are my personal and professional goals for 2013, always remembering that my priorities are Faith, Family, Homeschooling, Professional Development and Playing (in that order!):

  • Spend at least 30 minutes a day in silent meditation of my Faith; I rec’d a review copy of The Magnificat for January … and will get an online subscription so I can continue to read and pray with that as my “spine”.
  • Get in shape and lose some poundage — I will exercise a bit every day (incl walking, biking) and lose a bit by cutting back on carbs and sugars; I don’t think I’ll ever see the size 4 I was (pre-children), but I can certainly work a bit of it off
  • Teach the kids how to cook/bake not only for their growth, but also to relieve some of the burden on me (so I can spend more time designing/knitting!); each night, a different child will assist with making our family dinner. I need to remember that they won’t be perfect at first … that it’s a learning process … and one that will greatly benefit us all.
  • Spend more quality time with each child, individually … time together in a meaningful way to ensure that I don’t miss the big stuff, the triumphs and the upsets. Life is SO PRECIOUS, and they grow so fast …
  • Focus on designing/teaching/knitting and avoid distractions/detractions from the goal of improving my professional work; I need to focus on submissions, learning new skills, reviewing previously learned skills, and knit … knit … knit. The better patterns I can create, the more my name gets known and the higher rewards I can reap from my work. I also need to pursue more teaching-gigs (the kind that pay!) to add to my portfolio.
  • Do you see why I need PATIENCE? I want to do it all now … I want to have everything “just so” now … but this is all a process that takes time.

    Please pray for me …

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