Book Review: Classic Knits … the best book I’ve seen in a long time

book review graphic I haven’t done a book review in a while, sorry about that.

I’ve gotten a few knitting books over the past couple of weeks but I wanted to highlight this one — yes, it’s that good. Classic Knits from DK is a book that should find a home with any knitter.

Packed with over 100 projects … ranging from easy to challenging …this book has something for everyone.

  • there are cardigans (simple, lacy, cabled and colorworked) and sweaters
  • there are baby things for baby boys and baby girls
  • there are man garments (vests and pullovers and cardigans that even my dh would wear)
  • there are hats and bags and other accessories for young and old
  • there are home accessories (pillows and throws)
  • there are toys and other fun knits

Classic Knits: More than 100 Beautiful Projects

Classic Knits: More than 100 Beautiful Projects

The book — slightly larger than an 8-1/2×11 sheet — is hard-covered and over 300 pages of detailed illustrations and clear photographs, a hallmark of a DK book. This dust-jacketed tome has just about everything to keep you happily knitting for the next few years, at least.

Many of the designs in here could be found in the classic knitting books of the 20th century; they are truly classic. But the color-choices, yarns and styling of the designs makes them perfect for today’s knitter.

The last 50 or so pages of the book are dedicated to how-to — how-to add zippers and beads … how-to work the various stitches … how to start and end a project … how to become a better knitter.

I highly recommend this book … whether you’re a beginner or advanced or expert, I’m thinking you’re going to find at least half a dozen projects you’d like to make while also using it as a reference for how-to make a buttonhole or sew in a zipper or how to do add beads to your knitting.

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  1. I requested this for our library to carry it when you first mentioned it. I do hope they will carry it. It looks fabulous! Thanks for the review.

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