My EZ Notes: how to read EZ, especially if you’re a beginner …

2013: My EZ year in notes

2013: My EZ year in notes

A few of you have asked about Elizabeth Zimmermann: that you’ve tried to read her and just can’t get it. That she makes things confusing or is basically speaking Greek! Here’s a comment I posted in response to one dear friend who is feeling overwhelmed .. but I thought it might help y’all too:

As far as EZ … you have to read her with a sense of wonder and trust — she too had knit for a long time and so much of what she says is garnered from years and years of practical experience. Try re-reading it, not as a how-to but rather as a how-come book. Read it for the pure joy of reading some great quips by a fiber-fanatic. Enjoy it but don’t try and apply all her tips/techniques yet. Let them simmer in the back of your brain for a bit and soon you’ll find you’re ignoring the pattern and doing it your way (ala EZ!).

Trust me on this … EZ’s books are truly a joy to read … and are packed with great tips and techniques. But don’t think you’re going to read EZ and be able to start knitting gorgeous things immediately. Don’t think that you are somehow deficient if you “don’t get it” right away. Poke into them (especially the Knitter’s Almanac) every so often … read a chapter or two … try out some of her ideas.

Plan on spending YEARS on this new-found hobby … I’ve been doing this for over 40 years and I’m still finding new things to try in EZ’s writings. That’s the whole point of my EZ Year!

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  1. I think I lost my first comment. Great advice, Mary, and I couldn’t agree more. She is definitely one to re-watch and reread to build the skills and extrapolate more wisdom. She’s so practical and sincere. I don’t particularly like all her patterns, as they aren’t pretty, but very practical. She’s like the knitter version of Julia Child and Charlotte Mason!

  2. Mary G says:

    …. and to add to Jenn’s comment. EZ’ patterns are often of a slimmer silhouette (tho still unfitted) than we’d wear now. Proceed with caution … and LOTS of enjoyment …

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