Yarn-along: beginnings and endings

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Yarn-along: August 21, 2013

Yarn-along: August 21, 2013

Good morning!

High School bound ...

High School bound …

This is a week of beginnings: HamBone starts his high school career today. Tomorrow, our Chinese exchange student will start her 11th grade year.

This is a week of endings: Kit and HotRod will end summer break on Friday. I will stop working during the week at my LYS. I will finish the shawl shown in the picture.

And this week of beginnings and endings is all good stuff:

  • HamBone is ready to leave the comfort/coziness of the homeschool (altho I’m not sure how he’ll feel getting up EVERY morning at 0’dark:30) and begin to broaden his horizons and knowledge-base.
  • Bunny is excited to be a junior and learn better English, already practicing for attempting the SAT.
  • The two younger ones are anticipating a great homeschool year — Kit will be 8th grade and HotRod is 5th/6th grade.

This is all good stuff … right?

But it is also a tad bittersweet for me as I see my kids grow and mature and move on … a quick snap of a photo and he’s off …

One Response to “Yarn-along: beginnings and endings”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    things all happen so quickly sometimes! may these ending and beginnings be blessed!

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