Pope John Paul the Great High School … a top school!

JP top VA school

Virginia Living Magazine:
“…Virginia Living State of Education, a special new bound-in supplement to Virginia Living’s October 2013 issue, celebrates excellence and innovation in Virginia’s schools. Featuring in-depth and positive coverage of news and trends in secondary and higher education, Virginia Living State of Education includes Top High Schools & Colleges 2013, a list of nearly 150 programs in public and private high schools and four-year colleges leading the way in innovation across the state.

Virginia Living’s Top High Schools & Colleges 2013 recognizes schools for excellence and innovation in five categories: Arts & Humanities, Science, Math & Technology, Co-Ops & Partnerships, Athletics and Capital Improvements. After thorough review of each school’s programs and accomplishments, Virginia Living’s editors selected schools that have instituted programs or recently begun capital improvements aimed at strengthening students’
experiences in and beyond the classroom.

Virginia Living’s Top High Schools & Colleges 2013 is the resource for anyone curious about why Virginia’s schools are consistently ranked among the nation’s best….”

and Pope John Paul the Great Catholic High School made their top schools’ list:
JPtheGreat.org. 703-445-0300

The school’s four-year bioethics program is the only one of its kind in the country, with courses like “Bioethical Issues at the End of Life,” “Health: An Ethical Approach” and “The Human Person in a Biotech Age,” emphasizing research, Socratic-style discourse and debate, and writing. In 2012, The Manassas-based Cardinal Newman Society named Pope John Paul one of the top 50 Catholic high schools in the U.S.

Take a guess where my dh teaches … my son is a 9th grader … and our Chinese exchange student is an 11th grader?

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