Motivated Monday … should I even try and plan it out?

Motivated MondayAs I mentioned last week, my plans have had a tendency to go awry … at least it’s been that way for the last couple of weeks with sub-freezing days, snow/ice on the ground and school being canceled.

However, I will remain sanguine … it’s 41 at 0715 (which is like 30 degrees warmer than same time last week!) and the week is slated to be above freezing during the day (with clouds and possible precip but at least we’ll be able to dry out a bit). Night time temps of single-digits will give the heat pump a workout but at least we have not lost electricity!

So all is right with the world, God is in His Heaven, and we will forge ahead with planning out our week:

On the knitting front:

  • I’ve got the body of the custom-cabled sweater done and will start the sleeves today; assuming knitting time in the afternoons/evenings, I should be just about done by the end of the week
  • which is great news since I’m hosting a knit-a-long in my Ravelry group. The KAL starts Saturday and we’ll be working on the Knittin’ Love shawl … a fun use for 440-yards of dk-weight yarn. I’ll be knitting right along with the other folks who have joined in … but I’ll be doing a poncho version of this design in Wolle’s color-changing cotton (which is a fingering weight’ I’ll be using her larger skein which contains 865 yards). I’m excited to see how it will turn out.

On the schooling/family front:

  • God willing, we’ll get a full week of school done. When you homeschool, you can get done in 3 hours what it takes the average classroom to get done in 8 (or more); so we’ll proceed with the five R’s: readin’, writin’, ‘rithmetic, read-alouds and religion. I think the kids are ready to get back in the groove — neither HotRod nor Kit do well with too little structure.
  • We’ve got a few activities scheduled this week — Hambone’s home basketball game on Thursday, a trip up to Alexandria on Friday (we’re taking the TRAIN!), and Chinese New Year on Friday. I’m going to attempt to make a traditional Chinese New Year cake as a surprise for our exchange student, Bunny. I’ll let you know how THAT turns out. Thank goodness locals could recommend an Asian market where I can obtain the necessary “sticky rice flour” and “dried red dates”.
  • Saturday evening is the Sadie Hawkins Dance at the high school — dh is trying to talk me into helping chaperone … HamBone is hoping I won’t “stalk” him

That’s our week’s plans … we know that God’s will may be different and altho doors may shut … windows are often opened …

How are your week’s plans shaping up … any exciting things planned you’d like to share? Fill the comments box … I love to live vicariously …. blessings for your week …. sig block

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