Motivated Monday … the week ahead in knitting and schooling

HotRod's Caps Cap

HotRod’s Caps Cap

I finished all the knitted caps … just in time for HamBone to wear to the March for Life on Wednesday in Washington. HotRod wears his Caps’ Cap just about every day (and yes, all day) … and Kit loves her fluffy tam. It does a knitting-mom’s heart good to see her work worn … even to the point of being worn out. So this is the work I’ll crank out the custom-sweater-design for a dear friend … commissioned by her dear husband. This is such fun knitting.

For homeschooling: today is a holiday (MLK Day) so the kids are “off” and I’m taking HamBone to spend his birthday money, get some lunch, and hang together … a very nice thing to do since he’s so busy up at the high school and I miss connecting with him.

Tuesday, we’ll start up again with a full, regular week schedule including reading more of Sir James Knowles’ King Arthur tales and learning about the Middle Ages by reading Story of the World: The Middle Ages (the activity book for this text is a treasure trove of great ideas to supplement) and Famous Men of the Middle Ages (which also has a great study guide to supplement the readings) — both amazing resources and living books. BTW, I often get the teacher’s version of the study guide rather than the student guides — the teacher guide usually has additional info and I can “quiz” the kids orally.

Friday is another homeschool-pe day, so HotRod will run with “the big dogs” while Kit and I do girl-schooly things.

Saturday, I get to go to the Woman’s Day of Recollection at our Parish. I’m excited as our associate pastor will give the talks before lunch … and I never usually get to go these since they’re always on a Saturday and I usually work on a Saturday. This time, the LYS is closed (she’s been really sick, in and out of the hospital, etc) until mid-February, so I have my Saturdays “back” … at least for the short-term.

This is going to be a week filled with needing to place my trust in God. It is interesting that yesterday at a parish in Rome, the Holy Father said this:

“We often place our trust in a doctor, and this is good, because doctors are there to cure us. We trust in people: brothers and sisters who are able to help us. It is good to have this human trust between us. But we forget our trust in the Lord: and this is the key to success in life. Trust in the Lord – let us entrust ourselves to the Lord!”. He concluded, “this is a gamble we must take: to entrust ourselves to Him. And He never disappoints. Never, never!” Pope Francis speaking January 20, 2014 at the parish, Sacro Cuore di Gesù a Castro Pretorio (Sacred Heart of Jesus at the Praetorian Barracks).

This is the thing to remember this week … TRUST in the LORD!

This is the week that we’ll start putting together our tax return … reapplying for the high school … and always worrying about the state of the economy and how best to provide for the family. This is ALWAYS a stressful time for me. But I WILL trust in the Lord … in His Divine Providence … in His Love.

my personal resolution for this week and all year ...

my personal resolution for this week and all year …

Prayers for a lovely, holy, healthy and happy week for one and all … sig block

2 Responses to “Motivated Monday … the week ahead in knitting and schooling”
  1. Michele F. says:

    Hi Mary! I was wondering where the “Trust and Docility” quote is from. Is it yours? Beautiful! I would like to share that on Facebook is possible (and possibly with my homeschool email list), but don’t want to step on your toes. 🙂 Please let me know if I can do so or not. God bless you! Michele F.

  2. Mary G says:


    I got it from somewhere on Facebook … don’t think anyONE person said it … if you know what I mean … I’m sure if you google “trust” and either Pope Francis or Pope Benedict, you’d find one pretty close. Hope that helps …

    Mary G.

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