Motivated Monday: my week on a rainy Monday …

we don't mind the rain ... it's washing the last remnants of snow away ...

we don’t mind the rain … it’s washing the last remnants of snow away …

So here we sit … saddened by the Broncos slaughter last night … a rainy, 40 degree day ahead …

absolutely perfect for snuggling in and homeschooling!

We’re moving onto the Crusades in History so we’ll start reading Ivanhoe as our read-aloud. We didn’t quite finish King Arthur’s tales … but after a while the cycle of “Sir So-and-so battles Sir So-and-so and all is right with the world” does get a tad monotonous. The stories in the version we read were quite good … just after spending a month or so on them … well, we’re done! On to Ivanhoe and the story of the last remaining Saxon lord in 12th century England which is increasingly Norman. Should be fun! We’ll also try and get a copy of the 50’s classic movie with Joan Fontaine.

With the start of the Sochi Olympics on Thursday … we’ll start our own unit. The kids love doing units like this and it’s a great way to broaden our knowledge of different countries, cultures and competitions! We each pick different countries to root for during the Games and keep track of medals and events; a “country report” will be due at the end of the Olympics!

The 185g ball of Wolle's Yarn Creations I'm using for the KAL

The 185g ball of Wolle’s Yarn Creations I’m using for the KAL

Wow … almost done with the commissioned cabled sweater and should be able to ship first of next week. Very excited and loving how this one is coming out. Hoping the recipient loves it as much as I love designing it for her.

I also started the knitting on the KAL I’m hosting in my Ravelry group. I spent Saturday morning at Wegman’s with some other knitting buddies and got the first 15 rounds done (I’m making the same pattern … but as a poncho instead of a shawl). The yarn … a fingering weight in bright pink merging to bright yellow merging to bright spring green … is working up nicely!

So the focus of our week … the Crusades … the Sochi Olympics … and knitting. How is your week shaping up?
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