Motivated Monday: St. Patrick’s Day and the week ahead

snowday 031714 0730b
This is what we woke to … a nice, gloppy mess of snow. Yep, another snow day: HamBone didn’t have school today anyway, but poor dh has been working on a religion in-service for area diocesan teachers that got cancelled due to this lovely white stuff. We do have to say, that this is the prettiest snowfall we’ve had so far this year. Hopefully, we’ll continue to have power and that it will stop at some point (the storm system is forecast to be in our area thru late this afternoon!)

So, we may have to celebrate our dear St. Patrick here at home … at least baking soda bread, brownies and other treats today will keep the house cozy!

Tomorrow, with another snow day looming, we’ll just do some school work, but enjoy the fact that it should be nice and icy tomorrow — perfect for sledding! Else, this week we’ve got lots of physical activities planned: HotRod starts soccer, the two kids and I will go to Golden SkateWorld on Thursday for afternoon skating (should be interesting to see this 52 yo on skates!) and then homeschool PE on Friday.

On the knitting front, I’m busy as ever … and loving it. I’ve got two designs for publication due by mid-April as well as an article for a knitting magazine. On top of that, this weekend I’m running a basic-knitting workshop down at Spring Gate … workshops down at Jane’s farm are always filled with fabulous fiber, fantastic new friends, and lots of great fellowship. We have five participants so it will be intimate and the ladies should go home with a great jump-start on their knitting adventure. The plan is to get them knitting on Friday night … and then move on to basic lace and a beaded project.

I’m excited!

Dh, already outside shoveling out the van, estimates we got about 5 inches so far … don’t know if we’ll get more but it has stopped for now. I just feel bad for our Japanese maples in the front:

one of our Japanese maples

one of our Japanese maples

Well, that’s pretty much our week … don’t want to plan too much as there is no telling what weather catastrophe is next on the horizon. Prayers for all the locals that they’re able to dig out and stay safe and warm … and a blessed, safe St. Patrick’s Day to you all …sig block

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