Motivated Monday: Holy Week edition

Fra Angelico's Curcifxion

Fra Angelico’s Curcifxion

We can’t let Holy Week be just a kind of commemoration. It means contemplating the mystery of Jesus Christ as something which continues to work in our souls. The Christian is obliged to be alter Christus, ipse Christus: another Christ, Christ himself. … St. Josemaria Escriva

Holy Week has begun …

We’ll be heading to Mass everyday … the early one to make it really penitential. Until Holy Thursday. On Thursday, we’ll go to evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper (HamBone is serving). It’s cool since this year the parish is hosting a lamb supper for all altar servers before Mass. Good Friday, Kit and I will do the full three hours (HotRod is serving the Stations of the Cross) and then the boys will all come for the Good Friday service.

Then party on Easter Sunday!

Schoolwise, we’ll be starting up our Minecraft homeschool classes: Kit is doing a writing one about poems (WordCraft) and HotRod will do the Viking Adventures. They look like a great way to incorporate Minecraft into the curriculum. There are lots of other classes … we’ll post during and after and let you know if they’re worthwhile.

We’ll also review our Lenten Journey lapbooks that they kiddoes finished up a couple of weeks ago.

We’ll be working on a major spring cleaning — getting rid of stuff, deep-cleaning and generally making it all new again. Baking will play a big part this week as we’ll fasting bread, hot cross buns and a few Easter treats before Holy Thursday.

On the knitting front: I’m finishing up a cashmere cap I started this weekend when I was down at the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire. I was helping Jane in her Spring Gate booth and like to knit with cashmere when I do. I’ll post a picture of the cap on Wednesday (in my yarn-along post) … I think y’all will love it. I also need to finish the cabled sweater I’m doing for Cast On! Cables are pretty dense and take much more time to knit … but I’ll “get ‘er done”!

How are your week’s plans … is there anything special you do during Holy Week? Share in the comments as I’m always looking for new traditions to start up.

Prayers for a holy, healthy, and life-changing Holy Week!sig block

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