Yarn-along – goats and goodies

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Cashmere Goats Gamboling cap

Cashmere Goats Gamboling cap

Well, good morning! After a day of almost 80 on Monday, we had rain … rain … and more rain yesterday with temps dropping to the low 50s. It is now 32 degrees, clear and we have the heat on …. again. It’s only supposed to get up to 51 today, but hopefully the fields will drive enough for soccer for HotRod … he needs to be able to run … and run … and run some more.

Today I show you a cap I made this weekend. On Friday, I went down with Jane (from Spring Gate) to set-up for the Olde Liberty Fibre Faire in Bedford (VA). We spent all day Saturday, meeting and greeting fiber-friendly folks and selling cashmere, cashmere blend and patterns for knitting the cashmere. A fabulous weekend! Whenever I help Jane in her booth, I always try and work on a cashmere project … this one was mine for the weekend … I charted cashmere goats (their horns go straight back and aren’t curved like other horned animals) and a traditional two-color pattern. The main color yarn (the taupe) is Jane’s cashmere/silk/merino blend while the bright, dark blue is 100% cashmere. The cap is so light and yet so warm!

Pattern will go up later.

I continue work on the cabled sweater for publication …. just about done with the body … and then the sleeves …and then the join into a set-in-sleeve yoke with saddle shoulders that grows into a hood. Actually not that much more to be done. Can’t wait to see it all finished and blocked and sent off.

On the reading front … finished Passenger to Frankfurt last night. Such a good read and so different from Christie’s usual “cozy” mysteries. Can’t wait to start The Man in the Brown Suit — such fun reading for a cool evening’s read in bed.

Prayers for a holy, healthy and happy Holy Week and into a most-excellent Easter Season!sig block

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  1. emma says:

    Love those goats!! I’m making an infinity scarf and they would be just perfect on it!

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