Family birthdays: HotRod turns 12!

When we were in Austria for dh to work on his Masters in Theology … I was really, really healthy because we had to walk everywhere … to the village a half-mile away to shop daily, to the library a half-dozen blocks away, to the train station a mile or so outside of town. We walked everywhere and I was really, really healthy. Really, really healthy for a 40+ year old.

Just two months after I turned 41, our youngest, Hot Rod, was born.

"Kit" with her newest brother ...

“Kit” with her newest brother …

Mary’s little lamb:
jpsg binky
Our Austrian souvenir:
jpsg lederhosen2
Blessed by newly canonized Saint John Paul the Great:
Jp and JP

That little guy turned 12! Today. 12!
Little Round Top 1
Now, he’s a soccer-playing dynamo who keeps us all hopping. We love you JP and can’t wait to see what God has in store for you …

One Response to “Family birthdays: HotRod turns 12!”
  1. Elizabeth says:

    God bless him! and give him many years!

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