Latest Design …. a special birthday surprise!

My Sister, My Friend shawlette

My Sister, My Friend shawlette

Here’s my latest published design … which actually went “live” last week but I had to wait till my lovely SIL rec’d it before publishing it on here (she actually reads my blog and didn’t want to spoil the surprise!).

I had such fun designing and knitting this one:

  • the cast-on is 97 stitches (I met her in 1997)
  • the first row of hearts has 5 hearts for her family; but two more rows of hearts show how she engenders love wherever she goes
  • the garter edge is 5 stitches for my family (her brother and our three children)
  • the wavy border is life’s little ups and downs over her lifetime (with more ups than downs)
  • the body lace ends after 60 rows (her birthday!)
  • This shawlette, using approx 320 yards of superwash Merino/bamboo sock yarn, works up fast and is very versatile to wear — either wrapped around like a cowl, worn with the center point hanging down the back, or draped over one shoulder.

    Directions are charted and written out and can be instantly downloaded from my Ravelry store or my Craftsy page.

    Isn’t it fun?????
    Enjoy … sig block

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