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Top Ten Best Patterns of Piecework's Knitting Traditons

Top Ten Best Patterns of Piecework’s Knitting Traditons

I have always enjoyed receiving mail. When I was little … it was a great surprise to receive a letter (whether it was first class or just “junk mail”) sent directly to me.

I reveled in it.

I had gotten mail!

I’m still that way, today. I hate when the mail doesn’t come because it’s a Federal holiday. I will brave sub-zero temps to check the box just in case there is a treasure … a surprise in there. Jane's Kerseymere

So, whether it’s a first class personal letter, a coveted catalog or even a universal email … I love getting mail. The first thing I do every morning (and honestly, even before going to bed) is to check emails.

And today I received an email that has me doing the happy dance. Seems Interweave’s Piecework’s Magazine has compiled their top ten knitted designs from the recent past into a downloadable collection, a collection that is currently $25 for all ten designs (a little over half off the cost of the individual designs).

So why am I doing the happy dance?

Well … because … one of the patterns within this “top ten” is mine!

My Jane’s Kerseymere Spencer Jacket published last year is one of the ten you’ll receive in this downloadable collection. This was a fun design I created that imitates the spencer jackets of the Regency era, a jacket that Jane Austen and her wonderful characters might have worn. But, and here’s the cool thing: it’s a quite-wearable style for now. My lovely daughter got the prototype and looks stunning in this jacket worn over a black shift or even a pair of jeans.

My design is available as a stand-alone (for $5.50 from Interweave), but for $25 for all ten of these fun designs (including a Basque whalers’s hat, beaded wristlets … I’d go with the entire collection!

Enjoy!sig block

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