Like a phoenix rising from the ashes …

(copyright free image from Pixaby

(copyright free image from Pixaby – click the image to go to the site)

… I have resurrected my blog!

Can I hear a “wahoooooo” ….

I think my impetus has been a growing disgruntlement with social media; I want somewhere where I can write what I want to write … about things important to me (especially knitting and all its wondrous possibilities) … where people can choose to follow me or not but if they do, I epect them not to get snarky or rude but to allow me my space.

Feel free to corrrect what I say if you know better re: facts; just don’t dis me for stating my opinion.

For the next week or so, I’ll be posting some new patterns … and writing up my journal from a recent 2-week trip to England with lovely youngest daughter (16 … and a joy to travel with) with lots of pictures … and venting occasionally about issues in my realm.

Join me for the ride?

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6 Responses to “Like a phoenix rising from the ashes …”
  1. Linda says:

    WAHOOOOOO!!!!! Your trip sounded amazing! Having been there myself a few times, I ‘ached’ to go again!

  2. Dana Stansbery says:

    I am sad to see you leave FB, as I enjoy your posts, however I hope to remember to check in here and continue to enjoy your thoughts, perspectives, and experiences.

  3. Mary G says:

    Thanks, Linda!

    It was such a blast traveling with my 16yo daughter … seeing amazing literary spots and historic areas and shopping!

    Hope all is well,
    Mary G.

  4. Mary G says:


    Stay in touch please … I love seeing the posts about your lovely little sweetpea!

    Hugs and God’s many blessings,
    Mary G.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I hear you loud and clear about social media! Whew. Glad to see you here! lovely image! looking forward to your next England post!

  6. Mary G says:

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

    Hugs and hope all is good ….

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