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kids marryToday, dh and I went to the wedding of a former student. It was a very Catholic Nuptial Mass and I heard one of the best, if not THE best, sermons at a Nuptial Mass. And I have heard ALOT.

The sermon, given by a Deacon who was a close friend of the bride and groom, and obviously quite gifted in young adult ministry (if the reaction of the college-aged students to him was any indication), was fabulous.

One of the key points that really struck me … and something that I’d never heard anyone say so very perfectly was:

“To the Bride and Groom: since the day you were born, your parents have prayed for you to find your vocation. And today, you have fulfilled that prayer.”

This is such a major statement to make.

Many parents will say:

  • … “I want my child to be happy”
  • … “I want my child to be a success”
  • … “I want my child to be: … a doctor … a lawyer … a priest … a whatever.

But the bottom line is that every single parent, at least all the good ones, really want their child to seek out and discern his/her vocation, according to God’s plan. This will in fact make the child truly and completely happy: to embrace God’s will for his/her life.

Nowhere in this flowchart  does it say "vocation" means just becoming a priest or religious!

Nowhere in this flowchart does it say “vocation” means just becoming a priest or religious!

Too often, folks think that “vocation” means becoming a priest, minister or religious. This is NOT true. Vocation, from the Latin vocare = to call, really means being open and docile to the will of God … to learning what He wants for each of us … and how we live that out. And it very may be being a religious … but it also might be being the best spouse, parent, or friend that God wants you to be. To bloom where you are planted, regardless of your state in life.

The rest of the wedding, the celebration of vows and blessing of the couple … the reception with great food and fellowship … the whole thing … was just AMAZING and so worth the hour drive to attend and participate and share in this amazing day with an amazing couple. The bride, one of dh’s former students from high school who just graduated from college (in three years), and her groom, finishing his undergrad degree this next year will face major challenges. They will be living on an income for a just-graduated student while the husband finishes school, they will be far from family (but close to their college family) and they will be adjusting to living and loving together.

But they have THE key ingredient necessary for an wonderful marriage: trusting in God’s providence after fulling discerning His will for them. They have found their vocations!

We are so blessed to have been witnesses to their amazing witness to true FAITH!

Prayers for Katie and Mike and their future …. for them to always try to follow their call from God

Vocations are more than becoming a priest or religious

Vocations are more than becoming a priest or religious

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