Family Visit Closes Out the Week!

We had a special visit from these two cuties (6 months … and almost 3 years) and their parents, favorite godson and his lovely wife. This was an awesome end to a hectic but fun-filled week.

We had Monday off for Columbus Day … a great bonus after our week last week! Got to sleep in a bit … looked at possible townhouses to rent/buy … and just rested and relaxed.

Tuesday was a tad hectic since I had to run volleyball practice on my own … but the girls are such sweethearts that all was well.

Wednesday … Maggie had a cross-country meet (wet and muddy and a tough one) and we played a scary-tough team for volleyball: JV lost in two sets while Varsity tried valiantly to conquer but lost in the 5th set.

Thursday was yet another set of volleyball games but this time both JV and Varsity won all sets … and Varsity did it with amazing gusto and slaughtered the other team.

Friday, JP came to school for an 8th grade field trip (his school is one of our major feeder schools) and Maggie and Thomas got to help with the hosting of him. We also had a Circle meeting: prayed the rosary throughout the school grounds in packs. We had all gotten our new House shirts on Tue/Wed so all (even faculty/staff) could don jeans/khakis and House shirts. It was pretty cool to see bunches of circles praying together in clumps of colors. After volleyball, headed out to the field for a football game. T did well in his new position as defensive linebacker but it just wasn’t enough to keep the other team from killing us: 41-6. Tought to watch but so fun to see all the students enjoying Friday night lights.

Problem with all these games and activities after school, dh and I are driving separate so not having much time for knitting. But when I do, I conintue to work on the gorgeous Spring Gate Cashmere scarf … a fun design but on #2 needles the knitting is slow-going.

And on Saturday, after starting the pre-approval process for a mortgage, Rick and I spent the morning driving around areas close to school that have potential for us. Finished off at IKEA for lunch and a window-shopping tour of all the newest designs. Since we’ll get rid of much of our stuff before moving, we’ll need to get some new things (I know … tough duty, yes?)

Headed home to quick clean and prep for our adorable guests shown above. They got here about 5 and stayed till Sunday mid-day. A fabulously fun and family-filled 18 hours or so.

Life is so good … and God seems to be hearing our prayers to sell … Radon test kit set up on Saturday and house inspection tomorrow. Continued prayers for all good and ability to quickly find a new spot to call home.

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