WHAT a week!

school-journalHello on this cold, crisp Sunday as we get ready to head up to school for the annual Open House! Right now it is 27 degrees and the frost is definitely on the pumpkin, as they say!

Last Sunday, we had a quick brunch-snack with Tom and Steph before they headed off to head slowly home, reveling in the fall weather. We then headed home to prep for the hectic week ahead:

Monday – we had a relatively light day with school and could even all drive in one car since football, cross-country and robotics are all done! It took a bit to get home, but at least we were all together.

Tuesday – ELECTION DAY – got up early to head to the polls before school (yes, we had school on election day). We got there at 5:45am and the line wrapped around back to the front door … but moved quickly once the polls opened at 6:00a.m. Made it to school in record time (since all public schools and many of the govt offices were closed) which was great since I had an SLA meeting before school. Rick and I then left school for the day to CLOSE ON OUR HOUSE! We were so excited to have sold the house … even if that means we are now “homeless”. OK, not really since we are renting back till we move and then we’ll lease a town house for a while. SUCH A WONDERFUL FEELING!

We finished the day back and school and then headed home to watch election results … and were thrilled with the results! I have been a proponent of Trump’s since he started to run … but then I’m a BIG fan of free market economics and strong private business (vs BIG govt) especially since I do have an MBA and understand the workings of business. I can trust a successful business man, especially one who has negotiated numerous international contracts and dealt with all types of folks (also one who will gather round him experts) much more than I can one who has seemingly never worked outside of the public sector, who has the hand in the govt cookie jar.

Wednesday – quiet and still reveling in being mortgage-free and an election that makes me happy.

Thursday and Friday – packing begins to move. On Friday, we spent much of the day getting ready for our annual open house scheduled for today (Sunday 1-4). It’s a stressful time with lots of folks involved but since we all “buy in” to what our school stands for and means and what good things we do … it is worth it.

Saturday – packing and hauling off to Goodwill and helping folks who don’t have anything pick up some of what we have. By 6p.m. … we were done in and Catie, the lovely daughter that she is, ordered pizza, chicken wings and dessert for all!

That was our week and a week that will go down in infamy!

This next week … including Varsity Sports Award Night … and moving to the townhouse … and JP’s confirmation … should be just as action-packed!

Hope you week is filled with making memories that will last a lifetime!

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