Two more designs for April ….

… thanks to Spring Break!

I posted the Blooming Iris Shawlette yesterday:

Blooming Iris Shawlette

This one is available on Ravelry, Craftsy and LoveKnitting

Today, I was able to post my Lovely Linen Cowl …only put it up on Ravelry because it really requires experienced knitters to make this one.

Lovely Linen Cowl

Off to prep for Monday … the first week of the last bit for Seniors (May is filled with APtests and they finish finals, etc by May 18th) and a little over a month before the end for all students. We are starting SLA (student government) campaigning this week … finishing girls’ lacrosse games over the next couple of weeks … and generally being overworked and too busy. But loving every minute of it!

Prayers for a wonderful Divine Mercy Sunday tomorrow …

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