And we made it to the last one … and some BIG news

JP cleaned up in the certificates

… graduation, that is.

JP celebrated his Commencement Exercises on Monday, Jun 12th at 5pm. Thomas was down at the Beach for the week but the rest of us were there, cheering for the youngest and all his buddies … particularly those who are heading to JPtheGreat next year! Those kids got extra hoots and hollers.

We took the man-cub out to dinner afterward … leaving Maggie at home as her finals started the next day. The poor kids has had finals all week while her brothers have been off celebrating their accomplishments. Sometimes, life is just not equitable.

Here are some photos of JPs big event:

The BIG news: as of June 26 … I will be the Director of Enrollment Management – that is, admissions and retention of students – for our 750+ student high school. I will miss the Library but am really looking forward to the challenges ahead and the chance to make use of my MBA in Marketing!


One Response to “And we made it to the last one … and some BIG news”
  1. Linda says:

    You are so blessed! And you should be so proud as I know you are!

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