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JPGHS Graduation – June 2, 2017

Graduations, that is.

Thomas graduated yesterday with 155 of his colleagues. He graduated with highest honors, wearing his NHS, SLA and honor-roll cords. Bishop Burbidge, Bishop of Arlington, and Dr. Bigelow, head of Catholic Schools for the Diocese, were there along with many, many family, friends and faculty, staff and fellow students. This was the first year we held both the Baccalaureate Mass (on Thursday evening) and the Graduation (on Friday morning) at the Hylton Memorial Chapel and it was so much better than the gym for Mass and the vagaries of having an outside graduation on the football field.

The faculty march in with full regalia … which I took off as soon as possible after the ceremony (it was 80+ degrees outside) but stoic dh kept his on the whole time until we were ready to pull-out of the parking lot. After the graduation (which was just an hour), we spent time taking pictures in every possible combination of fellow students, faculty, staff and family. After a marathon “photo shoot” (a little over an hour’s worth), just the family headed to Not Your Average Joe’s for a lovely lunch before T headed out to parties with friends. A theme that will hold for the next week or so (interspersed with his working at Lucky Brand and Brooks Bros.).

A great time was had by all.

Here are just a few of the pictures from the glorious day:

Next up …. JPs graduation from 8th grade … and then SUMMERTIME and the living will be easy-er!

God’s many blessings on all the graduates this year, especially those close to me and mine …

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