And we are off ….

Arriving for move-in

… to school that is!

His new home …

Thomas’ first day selfie

Last Friday (August 25th) we helped Thomas move in to college.

William and Mary has changed quite a bit since I went there (almost 30 years ago CRIKEY!) and I was a grad student so it was very different than moving Thomas in to a freshman dorm. I do love the way W&M does their new-student stuff – Thomas was able to move-in and then do orientation for the next four days, getting used to campus, scheduling classes, meeting and greeting before classes started on Wednesday; many of his friends from high school had orientations during the summer and only had a day or so after move-in before classes start.

W&M, steeped in tradition, is one of the few colleges/universities that still does a convocation to kick off the academic year. So on Wednesday evening, after his first day of class, Thomas headed to the Wren Building to hear the university president and other speakers. At the end, the non-new students line either side of the path and the new students parade past them, getting high fives and shaking hands.

Here’s a link to the live-streamed convocation … Thomas can be seen at 1:04:55!

JP’s first day … with lovely sister Maggie helping out!

JPs first day of high school was last Monday, the 28th, and he was in the zone! Loved his first day, especially seeing all his buddies from middle school and his soccer buddies. Maggie, since she is a Junior class student rep for the servant-leader-association – our form of student council, helped out during the Freshman Orientation and kept an eye on the man-cub. JP made the cut for JV soccer for the high school so he thinks hes pretty hot stuff. His first game will be on Wednesday.

Our upperclassman!

Maggie’s orientation as a JUNIOR (where has the time gone) was Wednesday. She is ready to be an upperclassmen and very excited about the year ahead. She is going to run cross-country again this year and had her first meet yesterday (a meet where she shave 5 minutes off her time at the same meet last year … it’s a tough course, with lots of hills and it was pretty muddy and chilly but she did it!). She’s got a busy year ahead and has already started looking at colleges.

Rick started teacher meetings two weeks ago and is really getting anxious to get the year fully started. Our first day of class, this past Friday, we ran a double-schedule. Normally, we are on block schedule – A days have 4 classes and B days have the other 4. On Friday, we ran all 8 in one day … which was hectic but got the kids their syllabi and a chance to meet their teachers before the long weekend. It went really well. But again, Rick just wants to start teaching all ready!

I never had much of a summer with my new job as Director Enrollment Management but that is fine. I spent last week meeting with all the students and getting them enthused about helping with admissions (thru shadow program and helping with open houses, etc) as well as helping them to understand my new role. Enrollment Management means that I not only work with admissions … I am also helping to ensure that retention of students/families stays high. We don’t students to leave because they don’t feel welcome … part of the family … valued. One of the things I set up for our first day on Friday morning was to have SLA reps and cheerleaders out as students/parents dropped off, greeting all and welcoming them to our 10th year. All enjoyed the extra bit of attention … even the seniors who weren’t happy about having to get up and go to school before a long weekend.

Lots of exciting stuff ahead. Hang on for the ride … and prayers for a rock-solid year.

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  1. How wonderful this all sounds – makes me miss my son’s school days – almost :)!

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