2018 – A New Year … A New Word … A New Quote

Good afternoon!

Happy 2018 – and prayers for an absolutely amazing, HOLY HEALTHY and HAPPY year ahead.

JOY: Jesus … others … you – Copyright MCG 2018

My word this year is JOY: a deep abiding feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Based on my readings this past year, the best way to find joy is the mnemonic created from the word itself:
J – Jesus
O – others
Y – you

So if I spend each day prioritizing all my tasks, meetings, events and everything else in that order ->
Jesus … Others … You – well me in fact … than I will experience a growing sense of joy .. of pleasure … of happiness. Pretty cool, huh???

In order to further the ability of success in seeking and obtaining JOY, this quote from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, whose feast day is in a few days, is my motto for the year:

The first end I propose in our daily work is to do the WILL of GOD
… to do it in the manner He wills it
… to do it because it is His will

So what are you planning for the year … what resolutions do you have in mind …

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